[MOD] Fund-Raising for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Dear all,

As you have known, the Philippines has suffered damage brought upon by Typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Haiyan). Our country has encountered many storms and typhoons, but this typhoon is the strongest the country has ever experienced in history. It had especially hit the Visayas area hard, which had recently suffered from a strong earthquake. As of this writing, at least 3,000 have died, thousands more are missing, and thousands more are left without homes, without food. You can check more of the extent of the hazard here.

With this in mind, Nihongaku Alliance, a community of all Japanese music fan clubs in the Philippines, has set up a fund-raising campaign to help with the ongoing relief efforts. For this community, we are setting up an auctions for fanworks (fan fiction, fan arts, graphics, etc.) and fan services (translating, scanning, subbing, etc.). All proceeds will go Red Cross Philippines.

To help, you can be a buyer or a seller. To get started, you can check our FAQ here, then start buying and selling. To look for a specific username, you may check our masterpost here.

December 8, 11:59pm MNL - Deadline of buying and selling
December 14, 11:59pm MNL - Deadline of payments
Week of December 15, 2013 - Donation of amount that was given through our account

Other fanclubs under Nihongaku Alliance also have ongoing fund-raising activities, and we hope you can participate, too!
- Hyphens Ph’s Mission Yuuki no Hana
- #LArcMNL’s Auction for #YolandaPH
- GazettE Philippines' Raffle for a Cause
- Nihongaku Alliance's Online Auction
- SMAP Philippines' SHARE-otsu
- HeiSeiPh’s Viewing for a Cause

Thank you, and we hope you can help!

131217 Update

Hi everyone!

As you know, our donation drive is now closed, and I’m pleased to inform you that we have raised this much:

From our PayPal = USD 294.28
From direct donations to the charity of the buyer’s choice = USD 180.77

For a total of:

USD 475.05 = PHP20,963.96

We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and we wouldn’t have raised this much without your help! :)

As of today, we are still waiting for the final amounts from the online auction we had also held. Since we have included the shipping fees of the items, along with the donation amount, we will first finish the shipping of the items before computing for the final amount and donating to the Philippine Red Cross.

We will keep you updated.

Thank you!

Yours truly,

JPN for PH

131213 Update

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is the last day of sending in your donations, and so far we have collected a total of USD 227.41 or PhP10,021.96!

Thank you so much for those who have sent in their donations. We have had a hitch of not being able to confirm the payments of those who sent directly through our PayPal account, and we apologize for that. We have received many payments from the online auction we are also organizing, and has caused a mix-up on our part.

Therefore, if you have already made a donation within this week through our PayPal, kindly e-mail us with a screenshot of your transaction to jpnforph@gmail.com. Kindly include your LJ username and the username of your seller so we can properly check. Our fund-raising ends on December 14, 11:59p.m. PHL time, so we hope you can send in confirmations by then.

Again, thank you, and we apologize for any inconveniences.

Yours truly,

JPN for PH

131209 Update

Hi everyone!

This is to inform you that the buying and selling period for JPN for PH is now officially over! Which means that we will stop accepting posts of people offering fanwork services, and we will stop accepting comments of people buying fanwork services from the sellers.

For those who have pledged to buy services, kindly settle your donations on or before December 14, 2013, 11:59p.m. PH time. You may check out payment details in our FAQ here.

So far, we have raised an amount of USD 191.01 or an equivalent of PHP 8,393.93, with most of the amount donated to the buyer's organization of choice. We hope that the amount goes higher by December 14, as there is still much that the victims of Typhoon Haiyan need.

Thank you very much!

Yours truly,

JPN for PH
  • dusk037

[OFFERING] Fan fiction

Username: dusk037
E-mail address: jhulleanne37[at]yahoo[dot]com
Fandoms: Will mainly write KAT-TUN and Kis-My-Ft2. Sort of familiar with NEWS, Kanjani8, Arashi, ABC-Z, Sexy Zone, the Jrs. (Snow Man, Bakaleya6).
I am offering: Drabbles (100-500 words)
Examples of my work: In my journal~
What I can do: I'm game for any pairing and genre. Angst and fluff seem to be my specialty, so far. :3
What I cannot do: Mpreg, non-consensual anything, hardcore kinks.
Other details: Feel free to send me links to vids/interviews/lyrics/translations for inspiration :3
Minimum Offer (in USD. 1 USD = 43 PhP): $1/drabble

[OFFERING] Fan Fiction

Username: thesecretdoor
E-mail address: I'd prefer PM
Fandoms: JE - KAT-TUN (5nin), NEWS (4nin and Ryo), Kis-My-Ft2, Bakaleya6, Yasui, Nakayama Yuma, Jinguji maybe some other juniors too, ask and I'll let you know
I am offering: fanfic, around 1000 words (may be slightly under or could be a bit longer if I get into the story)
Examples of my work: Masterpost
What I can do: Any rating though I'm more comfortable writing smut. I'll do canon, au or dramafic though it would have to be a drama I've seen (if there's something you want feel free ask and I'll let you know if I've seen it). I'll try writing pretty much anything other than the things listed below.
What I cannot do: I can't write het or genderswitch. I won't write scat, guro, beastiality or graphic descriptions of sex involving anyone under 18 (other activities/vague descriptions of sex are fine by me).
Other details: It may take a few weeks to write so please be prepared for a short wait.
Minimum Offer (in USD. 1 USD = 43 PhP): $2

131202 Update

Hi everyone!

I do apologize for the lack of updates, as real life got in the way.

Anyway, I bear good news. The donation drive has managed to bring in USD 153.24, which is around PhP6,589.32! Most of the donations have been directly given to the charity of the buyer's choice.

The donation has had a slow day, so we encourage you to pimp this project to your respective communities. We need all the help we can get.

Thank you very much!

Yours truly,

JPN for PH

[Offering] Fanart

E-mail address: I'm not comfortable giving my e-add. I'd prefer if you guys just message me via facebook. (https://m.facebook.com/RieHattori17) No need to add me up.

Fandoms: Any VK band. Specialty: LM.C, SuG, the Gazette, and Golden Bomber. Anime character fanarts is also considered.

I am offering: Digital Fanart

Examples of my work:
Here are some recent ones http://www.pixiv.net/member.ph?id=4364058

What I can do: For now i can only offer chibi fanwork and B&W chibi
mini comics/omake(provided with story&lines of your own).
I'm fine with a little kinky stuff, depending on the request. Since i'm not used to it. I can do gender bending or even crossovers.

What I cannot do: Normal size fanart (too much time consuming) Other than that i guess i can do anything. To be sure please ask first, i have my limitations. f^^*)
Other details: I'm a mouse artist, so do expect it to take a while depending on the difficulty of the request.(minimum of 1day and maximum of 4days of work time per request, longer if it has multiple characters)

Minimum Offer (in USD. 1 USD - 43 PhP): Pin button chibi (just head)- 2USD/character
Full body chibi without bg-3USD/character
Full body chibi with bg of your choice -5USD/character
B&W mini comic/omake -3USD/story regadless of how much character is involved.
Please pm me if it's too pricy for you. If you can offer a higher price it would help a lot since it's for the victims of the typhoon. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
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    My Favorite Monster

[OFFERING] Fan Fiction

Username: ayame_hadouken
E-mail address: ayame (dot) hadouken @ gmail (dot) com
Fandoms: KAT-TUN, though I mostly focus on the T(-T)UN portion.
I am offering: fic
Examples of my work: here
What I can do: Like I said earlier, I prefer writing the T-TUN portion of KT. AUs are most fun lately, especially of the scifi or fantastical sort, and I'm down with pretty much most kinks. That being said, I tend to stay in the R/NC-17 side of things; I even have a kink bingo card if that's a thing you'd rather do. We can negotiate, of course.
What I cannot do: I really don't like school kinds of AUs, or any sort of pregnancy. Non-con is a definite no.
Other details: Real life has been encroaching a lot lately, so I can't really guarantee a quick turnaround. Patience, please?
Minimum Offer (in USD. 1 USD = 43 PhP): Let's start at $1; I'm pretty easy.
  • faiee

[OFFERING] Translations

Username: faiee
E-mail address: faiee.folk@gmail.com
Fandoms: Johnny's (I'm most familiar with SMAP, Arashi, Kinki Kids)
I am offering: Text translations; Video/Audio translations. Japanese to English; Chinese to English
Examples of my work: I don't have a masterpost but I've translated this and this about Kinki Kids before and I used to do some C-E translations for smappiesubs but I don't have a masterpost.
What I can do: I can translate magazine scans, articles etc from Japanese to English/Chinese to English. I can't sub but I can also translate videos for groups older than NEWS. I can also translate audio clips (e.g. radio clips) for SMAP, Arashi and Kinki Kids.
What I cannot do: Videos/Radio shows for groups I'm not too familiar with because I'm afraid there'd be too many inside jokes I wouldn't understand.
Other details: Please provide the raw material; For Kinki Kids, I have most of their recent magazine articles but please check.
Minimum Offer (in USD. 1 USD = 43 PhP): US$2 per page of text